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Fuel is the fast, easy and pain-free way to find and manage your perfect software outsourcing partner.


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Fuel is the solution that simplifies & de-risks the process of outsourcing your software development to a trusted partner. Realize the benefits, with none of the headaches.
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Fuel find your team

Find your team

Due diligence performed
Domain-relevant experience
Matched to your full requirements
Ramped on your tech stack and architecture
What would removing recruiting time and effort do for you?
Fuel friction-free management

Friction-free management

Aligned on "definition of success"
Software tools agreed and implemented
Low-friction onboarding
Ongoing project & relationship management for high performance
Focus on what to build, not management overheads
Fuel back office support

Painless back-office support

Simplified NDAs, contracts & SLAs
Fuel handles all billing, payments & reporting
Escalation mitigation & management
Ongoing process improvement & refinement, enabling scale
Let us handle the headaches
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Rise People and Fuel Network

"Fuel’s just a better way to find the teams I need. I can focus on what we need to build; they take care of finding who builds it."

Milan Luketic, VP Engineering
Rise People

"Fuel was great at getting me some quotes back from various markets around the world that I was not familiar with. We had de-scoped our project a couple of times to optimize our upfront investment and they were able to accordingly queue up the right teams that could do that scope in a timely and cost-effective manner."

Jeremy Vo, Co-founder
Dallas Fortaine with Fuel Network

"With Fuel I got a trusted partner who would help ensure the work delivered was quality and on-time. I loved that they didn’t over-promise – they just delivered."

Dallas Fontaine, President
The Perk

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We’re helping companies just like yours to find, match and manage great outsourcing relationships.

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