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Fuel began as a search for a better mechanism to get software built.

We’ve experimented with it all: bounty-style crowdsourcing, freelancers, agencies… none of it worked the way we wanted.

Talent is everywhere - but finding, filtering, engaging and managing that talent to create value month after month with existing mechanisms was a huge challenge.

To create great outputs, you don’t need an assortment of mercenaries, you need a team. We couldn’t find an easy way to do that - so we built it ourselves!

Fuel is the realization of a vision to create an on-demand network of vetted and trusted technology teams for Clients. No more searching, filtering, interviewing, project management headaches, payment issues and IP conflicts. Just define requirements, match and go - whether you need one feature built, or are looking for a full-time team augmentation.

We believe remote and distributed is the way of the future, and we love that we get to help Clients create value in this new paradigm, every day.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Marc on stage talent is everywhere

Meet the Leadership

We're passionate about changing the way companies build software and would love to help you.
Marc Low
Marc Low

Marc is responsible for company strategy and all market-facing activity. He lives and breathes “the future of work” and all things distributed/ remote/ exponential - and it shows in the passion he brings to the topics. When he’s not busy espousing the merits of remote teams, he’s either eating a muffin or feeling bad about it and working it off at the gym.

Gary Bode
Gary Bode

Gary sits at the intersection of client and team, building process to make delivery seamless and leading the day-to-day operations that keep Fuel ticking along and both sides smiling. If he’s not at the office he’s usually wrestling with his kid and two dogs, opening a bottle of wine, or warming up for his next ultramarathon.

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